Administration Department

Administration Department

Administration Department is directly responsible for implementation of Union Government’s policy and instruction and also combination of the performance of department of Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE). The main tasks include forming organizational structure, withdrawing and obligation under the guidance of Myanmar Timber Enterprise Executive working committee (EC). Implementation of respective meeting decisions is followed.

Administration Department take responsibility of Human Resource’s service affair such as recruitment, job rotation (transfer), retirement and leave etc and issuing the necessary instructions on behalf of Managing Director office. 

Additional tasks, that includes fuel distribution, telex communication, information, departmental welfares and special cases, audit reports, departmental instructions and other assigned duties.


 Managing Director office and Administration Department

The photos for Fire drills cooperating with Insein Fire Brigade to prevent from Fire emergency for the Managing Director  office  and Administration Department on 7th February,2014 in the compound of Myanma Timber Enterprise in Gyogone.


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