Export Department FAQ

Export Department FAQ

How can we purchase the raw logs?

         All buyers from local & abroad can participate in monthly Open Tender and Special Open Tender held at Taw Win Hall of the Head Office of MTE, Yangon. Under the transparency of sale procedure, one who bid in highest price to the preferred lot will win the competitive bidding.

How about the procedures for participation to all tenders?

$ The following are the participation procedures:

$  1.    Company registration and export & import licence.

$  2.    Banker’s reference for the financial credibility

    3.    US Dollar – 10000 amount of Bank Guarantee for earnest money (Overseas Companies)

U        US Dollar – 5000 amount of Bank Guarantee for earnest money (Myanmar  Companies)



What is the requirement for Bank Guarantee to participate the tenders?

         It requires US $ 10,000 for Overseas Companies and US $ 5,000 for Myanmar  Company respectively as Bank Guarantee at Myanma Foreign Trade Bank of Yangon. This amount will be sufficient for all Tender and Open Tender Sales. 

Can we know the payment procedure for timber purchase?

           MTE prefers the payment by LC’s allowing payment against acceptance (PAA LC’s) and Tested Telex (TT- a form of coded telex message used between banks to ensure security and veracity of its content) from Singapore Banks such as UOB (United Overseas Bank), OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation), DBS (former Development Bank of Singapore)and Bangkok Bank (Bangkok) to Myanma Foreign Trade Bank,Yangon. 

May I request you to explain MTE grading for hardwood logs?

Except the Padauk log , other hardwood species are graded as Export Quality and Export Rejection Quality by the visible defects, extraction year,log formation and girth length.But Padauk log has to classify by the Padauk log grading rule. The grades of Padauk log and the respective quality marks shall be:-FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, ASSORTED  and Export rejection (ER).

How many grades are there in teak log?

Mr. M.M. Gallant, Forest Economist prepared "Classification of TeakLogs ", popularly known as "Gallant Rules". This classification covers thetwo categories; Veneer quality and Sawing quality as below;

(A)   Veneer quality teak log grades

         (1) Special quality(5- stars)(Admiral Yield AY)

         (2) First quality(4- stars)    

         (3) Second quality(3- stars)                                               

         (4) Third quality(2- stars)                          

         (5) Fourth quality(1- stars)            

  (B)  Sawing quality teak log grades

       (1) Sawing Grade (1)-SG-I            

       (2) Sawing Grade (2)-SG-II                      

       (3) Sawing Grade (3)-SG-III                     

       (4) Sawing Grade (4)-SG-IV                     

       (5) Sawing Grade (5)-SG-V                      

       (6) Sawing Grade (6)-SG-VI                     

       (7) Sawing Grade (7)-SG-VII                   

       (8) Sawing Grade (8)-SG-VIII      

       (9) Sawing Grade (9)-SG-IX                     

       (10) Short Log                                  

       (11) Log End

       (12) Thinning Post  

       (13) Thinning Pole

       (14) Top & Lop

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